Werner Mannaers

Art needs painting because it supersedes language. Art is clear and obscure, rational and emotional, direct and metaphorical. It needs air and wind.
One reason I still paint is because of the never-ending challenge of the orthodoxy of Modernism itself. My recent paintings flowed out of me in the most natural way, as though I couldn't finish them quickly enough, maybe because I had found a new “alphabet,” as if some sort of psychological floodgates had been opened.
Art is a mirror. It is inevitably about falseness. My art is whimsical, offhand, not serious, but at the same time deadly sincere. I’m a painter always ambitiously courting failure, but fighting for perfection in every sense of the word, attempting to transform the conventional into the visionary.
My work is restless, teasing, and self-deprecatory. It mines and undermines art history.
Werner Mannaers, 2016
The Palermo Series (Chapter 1), 2015 mixed media and collage on canvas 190 x 160 cm
The Braxton Series (Chapter 5), 2016, mixed media on canvas, 160 x 140 cm
The Costello Series (Chapter 3), 2016, mixed media on canvas, 200 X 140 cm